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I don't have anything right now other than just editing random photos if you have any requests please don't be shy. Send them to my inbox and i'll get right on that.

Loyal (east coast) - Chris Brown, Lil' Wayne, French Montana.

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Ericka | California
Khloe Kardashian is my spirit animal. Everything on this tumblr is edited by me unless i state otherwise. Enjoy your time on my blog. xx
Anonymous asked : can you post some pictures of khloe ex house with lamar???? i want see it how was

I’m not feeling well so i picked a few but if those aren’t enough for you you can simply go here and find multiple photos including the ones below the cut.

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itsakardashianjennerthing asked : Hi! Your blog is amazing and I was just wondering If you would mind checking mine out and give me a follow? (only if you like ;) ) I am a kardashians/Jenner blog as well. Thanks! xx

You’re blog is great but this is a sideblog so i can’t really follow you back, sorry.

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Khloe Kardashian: a summary in text posts. (insp.)

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Damn Lucas, chill.
I’ll just charm you & well be okay, shit!

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