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Anonymous asked : Only to be sure you've send just a dress (the pink and grey one) ? If that is it thank you so much :)))

No, i sent you every new item that was released today. They may just take some time to come in since they come in one by one. :)

kalifornia--loveee asked : Thanks so much for the gifts ! (:

You’re welcome.
No problem. :)

Anonymous asked : It is only Audrey!

Okay, everything has been sent. It might take a while but everything should come through. :)

Anonymous asked : I haven't received request but I think we're already friend! (Tyna201008)

Hmm, it let me send it. What’s your name in the actual game? :)

Anonymous asked : I don't know if I already send it, but I'll send it again tyna201008 :) have a nice day and thank you for doing that!! :)

I sent you a friend request on GC i need you to accept it before i can send anything to you. :)

If you sent me a message and ‘erickatennile’ sends you a friend request on GC then accept it because it’s me and i can’t send you anything unless we’re friends on GC. Once accepted i will send everything to everyone.

klassy-flawless asked : How do you message ???? :(((

Just like you did now but send me your game center username. :)

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Anonymous asked : You're so generous to give a lot of gifts people should not be mad at you ;) and how did you get so much stars (I mean the K stars? :o ) did you pay for having that much? :) love your blog! Xx

I paid for some but my phone is also jail broken so i have an inapp purchases hack so i got them without paying. Which is why i can gift so many things but for some reason it’s just not working for me and when it says that it did go through people are saying that they didn’t get it so idk what’s going on and it’s frustrating because it’s not like i’m lying about this the proof is right there in the photos i’ve tried everything!

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